Black Cat Appreciation Day




 Black Cat appreciation Day is celebrated on August 17th in the United States of America, Canada, and a few other countries.






      It was started in 2011 by a man named Wayne H . Morris.  He had a devoted sister who passed away at the early age of 33.  She had a black cat by the name of Sinbad on whom she doted.  Sinbad was 20 years old and very sadly followed his owner by crossing over the Rainbow Bridge two months later.  Her brother decided to honor their affinity to each other by creating Black Cat Appreciation Day as a memorial to her, the date August 17 being of significance to them.

It was to epitomize the bond that is shared by black felines and their owners, a day to appreciate the black cats in your life.



About Wayne H. Morris


He is married and an artist who enjoys painting cats, especially black ones.  He does feline portraits, as well as an occasional dog or other pet,  arrayed in whimsical outfits to display their traits.  He also has done some beautiful photographs of cats caught in their best splendor.

Although he lives in New York he is a prominent volunteer at Rikki’s Refuge in Orange, Virginia.  This is a no-kill animal rescue shelter on 450 acres which caters to animals of all species and is solely supported by donations.

Wayne Morris also works to spread awareness for black cats through social media sites.


Here is some of his work: 















Nina would like to thank Wayne Morris for creating a Special day for her and all her fellow black felines.


A Big Meow Shoutout!!!




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