1. Cats see in pitch-black dark because their eyes take light in and reflect it back out – like a flashlight!




2.  A cat’s whiskers can detect even the tiniest of creatures? A cat can detect any kind of movement up to 2000 times smaller than the width of the hair on your head.





3. Cats constantly lick themselves clean after eating because a cat has natural instincts derived from the wild and this instinct tells them to wash away food scent to keep predators at bay.





4. Cats might have lived on earth 12 million years ago. A fossilized record similar to today’s cats suggests they did.





5. Cats purr at the same rate of a diesel engine, 26 cycles per minute.













6. Dogs have more teeth than cats – a dog has 42 and a cat has only 30.






7.  A cat breathes in anywhere from 20-40 times a minute depending on its health.






8.  A cat’s heart beats twice as fast as a human.







9.  Did you know that a cat can jump anywhere from five to seven times it’s own height?





10. Sir Isaac Newton invented the famous “kitty door”.







11. Just like humans cats are either right handed or left handed.










12. A cat cannot move its jaw from side to side!






13. Cats sleep more than any other mammal! The average is about sixteen hours a day!


Nina wiped out!



14. It has been proven that cats like female humans better than male humans. Researchers believe its because women have a higher pitch voice then men.







15. A cat lover is called an “ailurophile” and one who has a fear of cats  is called an “ailurophobe” – just a vowel apart!











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