Book Review








by Chris Kelly



This book was given to me by my daughter who is much aware of my penchant for Downton Abbey as well as my fondness for cats.

It is an irreverent parody on the original television series written and directed by Julian Fellows.

Upon reading the clever and hilarious title one would think the reading of the book would follow likewise. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. It did have it’s humorous parts and some were quite clever and unique. Yet, even though an attempt was made to keep the text in sequence, it all read as a discombobulated mishmash of cutesy segments.

The pictures throughout illustrating specific episodes were the redeeming factor. They were quite good. However, the literary portion was rather silly for the most part. Yes, it did have its humorous moments, especially for fans of the series and cat lovers. However, the parts inbetween seemed to just drag on and the overall feeling once it was finished is that it did not live up to the excitement it produced when the gift was opened.  For me, the cover was the best part of the book!

It is a small book and very quick read. A recommendation would be to borrow it from the library or a friend first and then deciding if it is worth the purchase price.

There will be those who will think I am off the wall with my review, but then, that’s what makes life interesting. Now, if curiosity has piqued your interest, go ahead and read Downton Tabby and decide for yourself what your own opinion might be!  ~  Marilu Shellie







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