The previous two rescue stories were about Flash and Super One.  This is a continuation of their progress!



                        One Week Old

     An Update on Flash’s Kittens.  All five kittens are doing well and acting like normal rambunctious little fur balls!
     Born on April 29 they are now approaching seven weeks old.    They started playing with each other on May 19 at four weeks of age. 

            Super One in a Hole

                                   Four in a Hole

  A week later, on May 26, Dot discovered that drinking water was great.  The rest soon followed and within days they were all drinking.  I tried offering them goat’s milk, but oh no, mama’s milk is still better!
       Needless to say, Super One was the first to experiment with real food.  He ventured to Flash’s bowl and squeezing his head into it it next to hers he started mouthing the dry kibble. I brought him some wet food and he started eating it.  This was on June 7. April and Dot started in a couple of days later and within a week they had all started on solid food.
      Little Moxie was the last one to start.  He is a very slow eater, so much so, I have to watch that the others don’t go shoving him away to get at his bowl.  They are quite smart and all have their assigned bowls. When I place the tray down they head for their spot.  However, once they finish their bowl, their neighbor’s is fair gain!   They’re learning that’s a no-no and will wait until I let them have any leftovers.  

       Moxie is turning into a little success story.  Without question, he is the smallest of the group, most likely having been the runt.  However, he is living up to his name to the fullest.  He is loaded with  spark and energy tearing around with his siblings to no end.  Someone forgot to tell him he is physically disabled!

             Club Footless Moxie!

      Early on he developed an unusual scabby infection on his paw with the four toes.  Eventually, Melissa the Vet Tech, pried it off and left the area between the toes rather raw. It hurt because poor Moxie was mewling pretty bad!  It turned out for the best, though.  I had to wash is paw for ten minutes in a special antibacterial soap twice a week and it healed nicely.
     Massaging his club foot several times daily, until stopping last week, resulted in its straightening out! His foot is now flat like the other one and he is able to stand on it. He is so cute to  watch because he runs like a bunny, he hops!  He only has problems when he’s stopped and tries to reach for something or tries to climb up or down from something.  He has a tendency to flop over.  He’s too small to take an x-ray of his legs, but the Vet feels that it’s very likely due to his lack of balance.  He has no tail, one hand has only one finger and the other only four.  She thinks this might be as good as it gets for him.
     Even if that may be the case, that kitten is just so full of moxie he’s not going to let a little thing like flopping occasionally get in his way! He has things to do and places to go before he sleeps and he’s going to do it come what may!
     Super One is another kitten who commands attention, merely by his antics!  He is all over the place all the time.  He doesn’t stop until he drops into an instant kitten nap.  There are three litter boxes for the family and after I’ve cleaned them and there’s fresh litter they become his private sandboxes!  They’re scattered throughout the room but he runs from one to the other, jumps in and starts pawing all the litter around, chasing unseen insects, litter flying all over!  Then he finally ends that session, jumps out and starts attacking his step-siblings.  They all roll around, wrestling with each other and tossing the toys all over the place! Then he starts charging up and down the cat towers!  It’s a five-ring circus watching them.  It’s hysterical and we crack up watching.  My husband Roland thinks I should have named him Rambo.  He may be right.
     Next week the kittens will be going in for their first shots.  They are growing…
     Last week I took the kittens up to our Meadow Lake HealthCare Center to visit the Residents up at that facility.  It was a wondrous afternoon.  I took them up in Nina’s pet stroller. First we went to Memory Care. It was awesome the effect the kittens had on the persons there, from the residents to the staff.  They were held by many of the residents and reluctantly passed to others as there were only five kittens to go around. Faces changed, persons who rarely showed any interest, suddenly were very much alert caressing the furry little body in their laps. It was a joy to see such a positive response!  I had set up a Kitty Playpen for the kittens, but it was never used.  We stayed there for an hour.
     Next we went to Assisted Living. The residents all came to the central sitting area where I had once again set up the Kitty Playpen ( again to no avail).  The kittens were plucked right out of the pet stroller. Caretakers passed them around from lap to lap and eventually the five kittens ended up on five special laps where they remained.  The call for dinner came and those residents were reluctant to let the kittens go to the point of almost missing their supper!  We spent around two hours there.
     Our last stop was Skilled Nursing. This was also a very rewarding experience. I wheeled the kittens from room to room.  Besides the patients I personally knew, I asked the aides to recommend which rooms they suggested it would be beneficial to visit.  At each room I would pick one kitten up and put it on the bed or on a lap if the person was mobile.  Once again, the expressions were memorable.  I heard many stories of cats of an earlier age in their lives.  Memories were relived.  One lady insisted on holding each kitten one at a time saying how precious they were. When we left her, she waved, and as we turned the corner I heard some soft sobs behind me.
Yes, The kittens have made a positive effect on our Community.  Perhaps that’s what God had in mind when Shirley trapped Flash, brought her to me, and a good Samaritan brought Super One to the SPCA who gave him to me for Flash!  He had a plan!  I’m so happy He chose me to be a part of it too!  ~ Marilu Shellie


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