What would Christmas be without feline assistance?  Probably a lot neater, quicker and without strings unattached!  Yet, it wouldn’t be as much fun watching the antics.

This was Nina’s first Christmas and she has been enjoying it as much as any young cat would!  A few times I was a little “hindered” in my progress, but watching her glee in everything new around her was worth it.  Of course, her sidekick Ringo was in attendance many times showing her the ropes, you might say.


Here are a few pictures of Nina’s first Noel!

Helping to unpack the Nutcrackers


“This is fun!”


“She can’t see me so Ringo will get blamed for the mess!”

“Nice Hat!”

“Give it here, Dog! I want it!”


“O-o-o! A Nativity Globe!”

“I’ll pick the ribbon to wrap the presents.”

“Garland is great!”


Ringo napping in the Garland Bag.

“Here, I’ll take it apart and you can put it together again!”


“Break time! Stop unwrapping Nativity statues.”

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