NINA MIA Episode 4   I woke up early on Saturday morning at the SPCA and could hear movement in the front reception area. Soon enough someone came in and gave me some food and water. "Hi, little Nina. Rise and shine!" It was a volunteer. Then my litter box...

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THIS IS MY LIFE – Episode 3

Episode 3                  It was a hot humid day and I was put in this large pet carrier. I was by myself in that huge space and Miss Sandy picked it up and brought me to that big thing that moved. I learned it was called a car.   I found myself going...

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THIS IS MY LIFE – Episode 2

Episode 2     After we left the SPCA I don't know how long we had been driving since I was asleep for a good part of the trip. When we stopped I was taken out and brought into a nice place that was full of all kinds of smells. I was put in a small container...

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