“Mewelp! Mewelp! ” I screamed in a kitten voice as I fell……   PLOP!!!!

            “Meowch! What happened? Where am I?”

            I was scared and my paws hurt from the hard landing. I remember trying to find something solid with my paw and then all of a sudden I was in the air! I tried clawing for something but there was just a black void. Nothing! My body twisted and then I hit the ground with a strong thud.                       

           I looked around and there were walls on every side. I looked up and could see a weak light coming from the hole through which I had fallen. It was a long way up! My eyes adjusted and I could make out the tall walls and there was that white fluffy stuff all over the floor. It wasn’t that soft at all because my paws went right through it to the cold concrete.





            I walked around the small area but there was no way out.

            “Mewelp! Mewelp!” I called out.

            No one could hear me.   There was no sound in the garage. Miss M’lu must have finished sweeping. Where was she? I kept walking around. Finally I lay down.

            After a while I could hear her calling me, “Nina, Nina are you still up there?”

            “Mewelp, Mewelp”, I answered.


            “I’m here! I fell in a hole! Help me!” I called up in a frantic voice.

            “Are you up there? Come on, Nina. Time to come down,” she said.   “Okay, be like that”, and she left.

            A short time later I heard her climbing the ladder.

            “Nina?” she called.

            “I’m down here,” I answered. She couldn’t hear me. I saw a light beam pass above the hole.

            “Here! Here I am! Down here!” I tried yelling out with my kitten voice.

            “Are you up here? Or have you come down and are playing games with me?” The light beam passed over the hole a last time.

            I heard her go down the ladder. Then she raised the ladder and turned out the light. It was completely dark and I couldn’t see a thing. I walked around and my whiskers warned me when I reached a wall.

            “Nina! Come here girl,” I heard Miss M’lu call out. I could tell she was walking all around the house from room to room looking for me.

            Eventually, she stopped and I could hear dishes clanking. They were going to have dinner. There was nothing for me to do so with a little frightened shiver I lay down and tried to sleep.

            It didn’t work. I was getting cold lying on the cement floor.

            A very long while later, the light came on again and I could hear the ladder being pulled down. I heard her footsteps climbing and when she reached the top, she started calling me, “Nina?”

            I stood up and answered but she still couldn’t hear me. She walked all around the floored area. That beam of light went over the hole several times. Soon, I heard her jump up on a beam and she seemed to be walking very slowly. She was coming closer to me and I was hoping she’d find me. It sounded like she was going over the same silver tube I had crawled over.

            Suddenly I heard her yell, “Oh my gosh!!!”

            The beam of light now came straight down and landed on my head!

            “Oh no! Nina, what happened, are you all right?” she exclaimed.

            “Roland!” she yelled. “Come up here quick! Nina fell through the ceiling!”

            After a short while I could see M’ster Doc’s head peeking into the hole. He went away and I could hear a lot of movement nearby. Miss M’lu had left but came back afterwards.

            “What was she doing?” I wondered. I felt so relieved. I had been found.

            “Oh, what’s that coming down?” I wondered as it landed next to me.

            “It’s a bucket on a rope and there’s treats inside. Yum!”

            I sat up with my paws on the edge and was able to stretch down enough to grab them with my teeth.

            “Nina, that’s not the idea,” Mis M’lu said in a discouraged voice as she pulled the bucket back up.

            A little later there was more commotion at the top of the hole and it looked like the bottom of my car seat. It seemed as if it was too big to fit through the hole. It disappeared.

            Miss M’lu sounded frustrated.

            “Mew!” I encouraged, but I don’t think she heard me.

            More time passed and then I heard this clankingly nose at the top of the hole. She was squeezing something else down. All of a sudden there was a flash of light and a thump right next to my foot!

            “Oh, just great!” I heard her exclaim. She had dropped the flashlight.

            Now my whole little area was lit up. I could see all around.

            The “thing” was pulled back up and she disappeared. She returned with another light and it looked as if it was tied around her wrist. She started to lower the “thing” again and when a corner of it hit the floor I could tell it was the squirrel trap. She started jiggling it back and forth so it would lay flat and when it did the trap flap closed. I could tell she was very upset.

            As she started to pull the trap back up on its end I grabbed hold of a 2 X 4 stud and climbed up a couple of feet. I could feel the trap coming up alongside.

            “Come on Nina, climb up!” she coaxed.

            I went up a couple of more feet. The trap followed me.

            “Come on, Nina, keep coming,” she encouraged.

            Again I went up a few more feet. I could rest my right back paw on the trap which gave me courage.

            “You can do it, girl! Keep coming!” she cheered.

            I was halfway up and the trap was very reassuring still following under me. I climbed a little more. She was getting closer. I didn’t dare look down, but kept going up foot by foot. I was almost to the top but she couldn’t reach me because I was on the wrong side of the hole and too far for her to lean over without falling through herself.

            I didn’t think but in that split second I jumped on top of the trap towards her. She reached down in the same spilt second and grabbed the scruff of my neck! I felt myself spontaneously pulled up into her arms and crushed into an embrace!

            “Oh, Nina, Nina,” she cried, “You’re safe now!”

            “Mew! Mew! ” I answered as I gratefully buried my head in her arms.

            She held me so tight and smothered me with kisses.   I told myself I was never ever going exploring again!

She brought me downstairs and gave me a whole bunch of treats.

            After I was given my late dinner, Ringo moseyed by, “Well, you sure know how to cause a lot of commotion, for something so little.”

            “Ingo, did you see what happened to me?” I asked excitedly. “I fell down this deep hole! It was scary, but what a thrill at the same time!”

            “Friendly and I both know that hole is there, but do you see us falling down into it? No.”

           “Are there any more holes up there? Ingo, will you come up with me next time? I can hardly wait to go exploring again…

















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