Music by Blissful Dreams
Episode 1

I was born, so they tell me, on April 4, 2020. All I remember about my mom is that she was very warm and kept me nice and clean. I had siblings, but never really got to know them.

I do remember we all shoved and pushed when mom fed us. One day, when I was just a few days old, I felt my mom taking away my brothers and sisters. My eyes were closed and I couldn’t see yet, but I knew something big was happening! One by one my mom took them away. We were moving! I was so excited and wondered what our new place would feel like. This one was damp and had a funny smell to it.

At long last they were all gone and it was my turn. I waited patiently for mom to come and get me. I waited and waited, but she was taking a long time. 

Since I couldn’t see I didn’t know if it was day or night. Not being able to move very well I wiggled around. At first I was calm, then I started to worry. Finally I started calling gently, “Mommy?” When she didn’t come I mewed louder and louder. I was getting frantic! My tiny throat was getting hoarse. It was getting cold. I was scared and hungry.


“Mommy, where are you?”

I heard a noise and just yelled louder! Something was reaching for me, but it wasn’t my mom! “Help!”

I struggled under the garden shed to no use. Something reached under and grabbed me. It didn’t have fur! It pulled me out. I was trembling with fear! “Mommy! Mommy!”

Then I heard this gentle voice say, “Oh, you poor baby. Don’t be afraid,” and I felt myself being snuggled in a cozy grasp.

I stopped wiggling and listened. It was a nice voice. I stopped being afraid. I felt myself being brought into a nice warm place. There were different smells, too. I was wrapped in something soft and put in a box. It felt good.

This was my first encounter with a human. I was less than a week old and this human didn’t know what to do with me, but realized I needed help quick. She bundled me up and I felt myself going outside again and being put into something big. Soon it started moving and I felt myself bumping up and down. In a sweet voice she talked to me all the way.

After what seemed a long time I felt the big thing stop and I was picked up and taken outside again. I heard her knocking on a door. Nothing. I felt her knock harder, frantically!

The door opened and we went in. She had taken me to the East Texas SPCA. She knew if she had called Animal Control I would have been euthanized because I didn’t have a mother and they had no way to care for me. So she rushed me to a place that could take care of me. Due to Covid, it was closed, but lucky for me someone was inside and came to the door.

As soon as they saw me another lady took me in her arms and told my good Samaritan I would be fine. She left, relieved.

I was trying to be very good and not cry so much. I sensed that they were trying to help me.

I was a put in a basket wrapped in a soft blanket and I could hear this second lady on the phone trying to find someone who could care for me.

At the East Texas SPCA they have very special volunteers who are called foster parents. All the cats and dogs that are rescued by them go to foster homes because they do not have the facility to hold them.

I was getting hungry. My tummy was growling and I missed my mommy. “Mew! Mew! Mew!”

The lady was talking on the phone and I could tell her voice sounded animated. She hung up and then reached down to me, “Hang in there, you cutie,” she said, “help is coming, but she won’t be here for another 45 minutes.”

She had found a bottle-feeding foster who lived in Jacksonville and said she would come right away.

In the meantime, this SPCA lady, whose name I found out later was Miss Megan, fixed up a bottle of kitten formula and fed me. Oh, I was so hungry I couldn’t eat fast enough and slurped the nipple all over. My mouth was a mess, but how it tasted so good!    

 After I had finished I got drowsy and went right to sleep.         

When I woke up I realized I was in that thing again, bumping along towards my new home!



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